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Currently hosting 7.6 million online documents and ready for you...

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Welcome to Deedroom.com

As a Document Imaging pioneer, we built and delivered the very first Kentucky County Clerk's imaging system to Tony Watts, clerk of Breathitt County, way back in 1998...

With lightning fast lookups by party name, book & page, and/or full text searches across millions of pages it was an immediate success as he used it to safeguard hundreds of thousands of documents for the people of Breathitt County, Kentucky...
Welcome to Deedroom.com


Currently, we are hosting 7.6 million documents online and ready for you...

Currently, these vast archives includes Kentucky deedrooms from Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, Letcher, Magoffin, Perry and Wolfe counties, with more in the works. These images were actually scanned within their deedrooms.

Research in Comfort

All from the comfort of your office or home, and most importantly, on YOUR SCHEDULE, saving you tons of time, by eliminating and/or drastically cutting your trips to the courthouse.

Indexing, Proofing & Corrections

We are currently indexing, proofing and correcting each and every page within the county's existing indexes, making our indexes far superior to the counties on-site indexes.

We are also adding new features like "chain of title/custody" listings, party name listings, and search query reporting features not available in the physical deedroom or anywhere else. More about these later...

Intuitive and Easy to Use

We've purposely made it easy to use. Currently, you can do "party name", "book & page", and "full text" searches, and its blazing fast...

Please note that "book & page" and "full text" searching is available now for all counties, while the "party name" index is only complete for Perry and Leslie counties.

We are indexing the other counties now as those counties either did not index them or they are poorly indexed. In addition, we are augmenting all indexes for the new upcoming WOW feature set.

Multiple Concurrent Searches

Today, you can search across multiple selected counties (by individually selecting them) for multiple book types (by selecting them), and/or date ranges.

And get this, you can have a "party name" search at the same time as having a totally different "book and page" search and having yet another totally different "full text" search, all at the same time and all with different options selected. All three search types going on at the same time and yet none of them is related to the others.

Immediate Access

Instead of making everyone wait until we get the self signup process completed, we are making these vast centralized archives available now.

To get started, contact us directly via phone or email at 888/820-9108 or sales@deedroom.com, and we will get you setup and started.

Work in Progress

Also note this site is a constant "work in progress" and issues will popup from time to time as we add new features and value to the site.

If you encounter any issues, please let us know imediately by clicking the "Contact" button at the top of the page when the issue occurs and we will take imediate action.

Suggestions are always welcomed... so if you would like to see a change, a new feature, or whatever, we would love to hear what you are thinking...

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